Violence on Both Sides

Dead Stuff Abounds

should i return to my search for booty?

Rise and Shine: After a night of poor sleep, plagued by visions of death and horror (mine were visions of my family being enslaved and tortured by giants). We found our cheery host completely unphased by the unpleasantness of the evening and happy to send us on our way to the ‘huntsmen’ with a belly full of oatmeal(?) to figure out what the fuck was going on.

Cat Burglary: We ineffectively bantered with a dwarf, but eventually got in the hall via cat burglary and found three bandits tied up at the hands of the short man: one had a distinctive chin, one was a girl way out of the weak chinned man’s league, and one was the guy that girl is most likely actually getting it on with. Believing we had found Jeff(the one with the chin), we decided to kill the psychotic dwarf and his undead masters. The fight was exhilaratingly unique, though we seemed to have lost the two true bandits of the hand out the way we came in.

Fighting Dead things: This fight included something i had never experienced in all my years of killing stuff while it tried to kill me. Each time the undead touched me, i saw flashes of my nightmares once again and felt a sharp pain at the touch point, like my life was being drained out of me. Each time the pain dulled, it left me physically and mentally drained… honestly it reminded me a lot of that scene in hercules where he is in the pit of souls and withers away. The szquad seems to have re-killed all the undead, and in my weakened state i sit… collecting my thoughts and trying to regain my stamina… my thoughts dwell on these nightmares and i wonder if they are simple dreams, or indeed visions of my family’s demise coming from the afterlife through the undead. I would like to see my family again, and prove they were all WRONG AS FUCK to say i wouldnt ever amount to anything just because im a little short and dont have fate lines. However, maybe they are trying to show me that they are all gone already… and i should go back to my life of rum swilling, booty plundering piracy. With my new found contacts at the hand, and possibly a friend or two joining me (raggy/jambone/elly), im sure we could make a killing.

Fucking Geoff: Unlike me, Geff really doesnt seem to be worth anything, but as is tradition in caste based society, he is about to be gifted a magic castle and land… at least in the goliath world you have to take what is yours by force. While i can appreciate that this worthless coward seems to want his father’s sword, he hasnt done SHIT to earn the right to take it from me… plus, i have grown attached to this blade and together i feel we have a lot more giant killing to do.



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